Pollinator Scavenger Hunt

Get together with friends and/or family to enjoy this fun activity which will increase awareness of important parts of a Pollinator Garden

Create a Dinosaur Garden

Plan an area of the garden to be used ONLY by dinosaurs!  Choose plants for habitat, nesting areas. Use materials to create trails, tunnels and more.


Make some Seedballs to begin a Wildflower Meadow.

Make a Hotel for Solitary Bees

Find out how to Care for your Bee Hotel .

View the video below to find out more about constructing a bee hotel! 

PLEASE NOTE: This video uses reeds from phragmites, a known invasive plant in wetlands of Ontario.  If you decide to include phragmites in your Bee Hotel, be sure to remove the seed heads, prior to transporting to another site.  The seedheads should be placed in a sealed container (plastic bag) and disposed of in the regular garbage. Hollow stems from other species can be used instead (i.e., Swamp Milkweed, Echinacea) . Different sized openings will suit different species of bees. 

Plant a Sunflower Clubhouse.

Plant the sunflowers in a the shape of your desired clubhouse, leaving a hole for the doorway. Pick sunflowers that will reach your preferred height for privacy.

Create a Bean Plant Tent!

Using at least 3 – but preferably 5 sturdy branches, bury the stronger ends into the ground in a triangle shape, joining them together at the top using twine or wire. Plant climbing beans, such as Scarlet Runners around the perimeter of the 3 branches. As the bean plants grow, they will create the wall of the tent.

Plant a Balcony or Container Garden

Choose easy-to-grow vegetables such as lettuce!
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