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A Fresh Look at Gardening – Spring 2021

A Fresh Look at Gardening Come and look at plant choices for your garden with fresh eyes. Learn why you want to avoid invasive plants, no matter how pretty, and discover why native plants are important additions for every yard. April 16th, 2021oices. Presenter: Catherine Kavassalis

Re-imagining the Home Landscape – Are you wondering how to transition your landscape to one that is more sustainable? Learn about the process. It’s easier than you think! Presenter: Janet Mackey

Garden Facelift ‘Do the Renew’ Is your garden growing old gracefully or desperately in need of a facelift? Let us inspire you to bring new life to a tired or overgrown garden. Using the examples of two real-life gardens, we will walk you through the decisions to be made. Presenters: Claudette Sims, Allyn Walsh

Beneficial Insects: Managing Pests in an Eco-Friendly Way – Come learn about the predator/prey cycle that exists in our gardens and how we can harness that relationship to keep our garden plants thriving. Presenter: Hariette Henry

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