September 2022 Cross-Pollination

2022 Cross-Pollination September 2022

  • Clematis virginiana–a native climber for a trellis, pergola, or fence
    by Kirsten McCarthy, Halton Master Gardener
  • September Garden ‘To-Do’ List
    by Claudette Sims, Halton Master Gardener
  • Plus ca change? Ontario gardening in 1947
    by Allyn Walsh, Halton Master Gardener
  • Journey South–monarchs
  • Garden Visitors or Garden Pests? part two: raccoons
    by Liza Drozdov, Halton Master Gardener
  • Question of the Month: moving large shrubs
    by Hariette Henry, Halton Master Gardener
  • Garden Inspiration from Healthy Yards
  • What’s Growing On?  News and events
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