Wordpress ads disclaimer

WordPress ads on the Halton MG website

 The Halton MG website is maintained on a sub-domain of WordPress.com  and we value it highly because it is an easy and flexible system to use.  

 WordPress reserves the right to place ads of its choosing on any of its sub-domains and in recent days some  of our visitors  have noticed them appearing on our website.  At the moment  they are appearing  at the bottom or the top of individual web pages.

 Since these ads are unsolicited by us, they may have nothing at all to do with the specific objectives of our website.  But if any are of interest to you, we ask that you access them in a completely new window of your browser.    

 If you wish, you can suppress the display of these ads, but for this you need to know the various features of the browser you are using – and each browser is different in this respect.

There are  two basic methods of doing this:

  • There are usually security setting links on your browser which allow you to change the browser setting.
  • Alternatively ad blockers are available which can block ads appearing on your browser

 So far, the website  visitors who have succeeded in doing this are using one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome browser using Microsoft Windows 7
  • Firefox browser using Microsoft Windows 7
  • Safari browser using a Mac computer

 If you wish further information,  please go to our Becoming a Master Gardener Page by clicking  Here and send us a message using the form at the bottom of the page