What Is A Master Gardener?

Being a Master Gardener is about becoming a VOLUNTEER with the Master Gardeners of Ontario to help educate the public about gardening.

It’s not about knowing everything about gardening. It’s about learning to ask the right questions and knowing how to look up inform

ation from appropriate resources.  Being a Master Gardener is about helping deliver meaningful community programs to improve the well-being of individuals and communities, to protect natural flora & fauna; and to help gardeners grow fresh fruits and vegetables for their family. It’s about working together with Master Gardeners and other volunteers to make a difference in the places we live, learn, and work.

What do Master Gardeners do?

  • Answer questions at public events with scientific based information
  • Assist with community organizations to prepare and present ‘Seedy Saturday’ events
  • Present workshops to gardeners on good plant choices to increase biodiversity
  • Advise school garden programs to promote science awareness in children
  • Demonstrate how gardens can protect and support pollinators and other wildlife
  • Share knowledge with gardeners on plants that are sustainable and non-invasive
  • Encourage gardening activities to maintain a sense of well-being
  • Write/Share articles about new research for newsletters and on social media
  • Respond to gardeners questions on social media platforms
  • Learn from other Master Gardeners
  • Improve skills to communicate through writing, making presentations or in public speaking events
  • Help children plant seeds at a public event
  • Tour unique gardens or horticultural-related businesses
  • Facilitate gardening projects at schools, libraries, and other public community sites
  • Attend Technical Updates on an ongoing basis to keep up with current understanding on the subject of horticulture
  • Participate in an annual educational event at the Niagara School of Horticulture
  • AND OF COURSE: have fun with fellow Master Gardeners; sharing stories including successes and failures in your garden!

“Being a Master Gardener has allowed me to share my passion with friends, family and members of my community. I’ve learned how to find well-researched, scientific-based information and am beginning to put it into practice in my garden. After 3 years as a Master Gardener I’m steadily improving my skills to support other gardeners in reaching their goals or overcoming challenges in their gardens by learning from fellow master gardeners, reading, and as well, attending many fascinating workshops. One of the best things are the friendships I’ve made as well as the chance to talk about plants with others who are equally passionate!”

You DON’T need to know everything about gardening — you’ll learn more and more as you participate in the program. You DO need to have an interest in learning and giving back to your community to deliver timely research based information.

Halton Master Gardeners meet on the first Wednesday of the month.

Find out more from Halton Master Gardeners HERE or from Master Gardeners of Ontario Here

Email Halton Master Gardeners at: haltonmastergardeners@gmail.com

Janet Mackey – adapted from University of Wisconsin Madison-Master Gardeners

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