February Garden ‘To Do’ List

  • Houseplants – Consult page 4 & 5 of this issue & our December newsletter ‘to do list’ for information on houseplant care.
  • Orchids –  Learn how to care for your phalaenopsis orchid  when it finishes blooming. This video will show you how!
  • Amaryllis – Cut off spent flower stems & place in a sunny window, watering only when the soil is nearly dry. Fertilize 1x month with water-soluble organic houseplant food.
  • Seed Starting –Read all about seed starting in our February 2019 newsletter or attend a local Seedy Saturday to exchange seeds with your community.
  • Planting Dates – Use this Seed Starting Date Calculator to determine when to start your seeds. Enter your frost free date as May 20th, 2020.
  • WatchGet Growing –Learn how to start your own seeds by Canada’s own Niki Jabbour.
  • Order plants & Seeds from this extensive list of suppliers by Three Dogs in a Garden blogger  Jennifer Connell
  • Winter Sowing of Hardy Seeds – Learn an easy way to start native seeds for your pollinator garden outside with this video from Savvy Gardening.
  • Grow edible sunflower microgreens. Learn how from Savvy Gardening-a fun activity to do with budding gardeners!
  • Dahlia, calla, canna etc.  – Check stored bulbs for rot or signs of disease. Spray lightly if bulbs are dry or shriveled.
  • Blueberries – Late February/early March, prune out dead, damaged, diseased wood to an open shape to increase air circulation. More info here.
  • Bird feeders– Keep bird feeders topped up for our winter residents. 

Claudette Sims – Halton Master Gardener

Featured image: https://www.ambius.com/blog/caring-for-indoor-plants-during-winter-months/

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