Garden Journeys Open Days

You may have heard about Garden Journeys Open Days, an exciting new initiative supported by Halton Region Master Gardeners. It’s happening in Hamilton over seven days in August 2023 (August 10-12, and 17-20).

This event is an opportunity for the public to visit private and institutional gardens, both new and established, made by gardeners at all stages of their journey from “ordinary” to “nature friendly.”  Garden Journeys Open Days will not only inspire gardeners who are just starting out on their ecological gardening journey, it will also support and celebrate gardeners already engaged and on the path. It’s free for both hosts and visitors. There are several innovative and interactive features that make this event special.

Kelly Jamieson's Hamilton garden, July 2022 Photo: Kelly Jamieson CC BY-NC-ND
Kelly Jamieson’s Hamilton garden, July 2022
Photo: Kelly Jamieson. All rights reserved.

Help us encourage gardeners to sign up as hosts. We’re looking for gardens that have begun the ecological gardening journey. Some gardens may be in the starting stages, some much farther along. Gardeners work at their own pace and each journey is unique. We want to celebrate and encourage ALL gardeners who are doing things differently in a conscious way. Change often begins with small steps!

The web site is now up: so please check it out for details, including dates and times.

Responses to the sign-up form will be reviewed to assure alignment with the event’s goals.

Looking for more detail? Here’s the original proposal (opens pdf in new tab) and please consider registering your own garden if it is in this year’s catchment area (the greater Hamilton area which includes Flamborough, Ancaster, Dundas, Glanbrook, and Stoney Creek)! 

Questions? Please visit

Jamie Hunter's garden, Dundas, July 2022 photo: Jamie Hunter CC BY-NC-ND
Jamie Hunter’s garden, Dundas, July 2022 photo: Jamie Hunter CC BY-NC-ND

Many thanks for your support!

Bev Wagar and Allyn Walsh
Halton Master Gardeners & event organizers

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